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Inner Alignment is a holistic ecological practice.

Ecology is rooted in the mystery of what it means to be at home, at home with yourself and at home with your world.


Understanding the effects of the subtle energy flow in the natural world and in our built environment is an integral part of all cultures. Across the world varying expressions of these universal laws of energy flow can be found. Each culture adopts their own way to engage with this inner knowledge. In Europe we find Geomancy, in China Feng Shui, in India Vastu Shastra. These arts are expressed throughout the ancient architecture of Europe, Asia and the world.


Inner Alignment is a modern interpretation of these time-honoured traditions. The name comes out of the awareness that when our space changes on the outside, we ourselves are impacted on the inside and our interior lives are affected. We are directly connected to our home and working environment that are comprised of transforming energy fields that affect us and we in turn also affect.


When my client is sympathetic to this train of thought, they can experience my service as a helpful element when they buy, sell, redesign or do a yearly interior ‘spring clean’ of the environment where they spend most of their time.


My practise is very much a collaborative process with the client and differs from some other approaches which are more directive. My intention is always to bring to my clients a sense of freedom so they may be enriched and find new ways to empower their own lives.


I have seen wonderful life enhancing changes for my clients that have brought much joy and fulfilment to their lives.








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