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I discovered the positive effects of Feng Shui back in the 80’s when I refurbished our family home and brought in an expert to advise. This made such an impact upon our life that I was drawn to study Feng Shui to understand just how the energy of our environment does affect us.

I went on to train professionally in Norway and America with Denise Linn who had developed a way of working with the ancient arts in a contemporary way. This enabled me to analyse a space and balance it correctly. Friends asked me for ideas and, encouraged by the changes they experienced, I established a small practise which has grown steadily over the years.


I am qualified to practice Feng Shui (CPFS), Space Clearing (CPSC), Advanced Interior Alignment™ and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui.™


I view it as an honour and a responsibility of care when I am invited to work for a client.

The Inner Alignment practise I have developed allows a flexible response as each consultation is unique. I have seen remarkable changes for my clients through this energy work.

"Having a Space clear and Feng Shui consultation was one of the best decisions of my life.

Things weren’t going right, after moving into my new house.

The consultation was interesting and the written report invaluable.

As I worked my way through implementing the recommendations, things in my life shifted.

The overall result was more than I could have wished for. I highly recommend Louise, who is an experienced and professional practitioner."


                                                                                                                    MG, Bedfordhsire

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