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If to move home means you need to sell, I can help to identify the key aspects of your home that attract buyers. I make recommendations on the changes needed. 

Why do some houses take longer to sell than others?  A professional assessment to enhance the space can be highly effective when making a sale, to achieve the best price and make the transition go smoothly.


I work with the energy within your home so that it stands out as a place that is harmonised and balanced.


I am also able to view new properties that you are considering buying or renting and advise you as you make your decision.


Once you have moved, I can advise on any changes needed to improve life for you in that environment and help you make the best start as you settle into your new home.


You are welcome to get in touch to discuss your situation and how a consultation can support you with your house move.

" Louise is a wonderful house healer & practitioner.  She was a joyful element amidst the stressful experience of selling a house.  The whole place seemed to ‘sing’ energetically after she had left & by the second week of being on the market we had our first offer. So I can recommend her with confidence.

She was an essential part of our team for the sale that included the estate agent & an interior designer to spruce things up for the photos. 

The shift in the overall feel of the place was amazing & I am certain contributed to our swift sale "


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 AR Hampshire. 








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