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An Inner Alignment Consultation focuses more on the Feng Shui, the layout and outward appearance of your home. Together we make an assessment of your physical surroundings to discover the areas that need attention. We discuss your values and beliefs, where you feel you belong and what is and is not working as well as you wish.

I use Feng Shui principles to identify energy blocks and understand why things are as they are. I recommend changes that bring harmony, balance and flow to your home, the space where you spend so much time, so that it supports and nurtures you and all those who live there with you.


This work improves and enhances the space to support the particular changes the client seeks to make in life.


I suggest a number of options rather than impose one solution. I feel it is important that clients are empowered to make their own choices within their own space. I provide a safe space for clients to tap into their own wisdom regarding their personal space.



I work in a variety of situations with clients seeking to:


Establish a New Project

Achieve an Outcome

Improve Focus

Avoid Overwhelm

Create a good Work-Life balance

Maintain Focus and Productivity at work

Enjoy Better Relationships

Harmonise Family Dynamics

Benefit from Deeper Sleep

Address Health Challenges


" I needed to make changes in my life and thought about moving. I also felt trapped in my job and was struggling financially.

A friend suggested a space clear and as I didn't know what that was, they gave it to me.

It turned out to be a really great present. After Louise's space clear, I was head hunted out of the blue by another firm and taken up at a more senior level, which is nothing short of a miracle at my age.

Instead of moving, I redecorated and that has turned out well too. Louise's energy work, which she undertook very graciously, helped me turn a corner and move forward, for which I am very grateful."


                                                                                                                             JB, London








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