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Clearing unwanted energy from the home is an ancient practise found in all cultures. Techniques and tools may vary but the essence of the work to clear and purify is the same.


When moving into a new home, a professional Space Clear is designed to sweep away the energetic imprints left behind by others who have lived and worked there before, or the memory held by the land itself that is often over looked.


This allows a new fresh energy to be introduced through positive intentional work, using age old techniques that support a healthy harmonious quality of life.


The intention is always set for the good prosperity of my client, and by drawing on ancient traditions and contemporary practises, I am able to release any energetic tension within their environment. My clients often find themselves more at ease and comfortable as a result.


I specialise in working with the underlying energetic patterns as each building has its own imprint. This brings the space into atunement with the client’s own harmonic tone and helps them settle in well, feel connected to their home and enjoy this new phase of life in its fullest expression.


If you have lived in the same home for many years it can be timely to have a space clear to mark a new phase in life.


A space clear is also timely when faced with challenging life circumstances as this work can change the whole feeling in a home and help with new beginnings.

"Louise visited my house which still held the energy and disruption from all the building work. After her visit, the house became a home. I have no idea how she did it but the energetic shift was remarkable. As well as settling into my new home, I found that a couple of emotionally challenging stuck situations began to ease and then resolve in the months that followed."

                                                                                                                                            KN, Sussex








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